Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Captains get this question all of the time from first time snorkelers in the Caribbean, “Are there sharks?” In honor of Shark Week, here’s our answer.

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Like all seas and oceans, the Caribbean has sharks. However, they’re rare. If you see one while snorkeling, you are a lucky boater! Also, people are not delicious and even with our many swimmers, safety from our sharks is not an issue.  Take advantage of our crystal clear waters and Aqua Blue Charter’s snorkel gear and get in the water.

Here’s what you are more likely to see:

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Southern Sting Ray

We have many Southern Sting Rays in sandy snorkeling spots. You can find them on the reef as well. Keep an eye out and feel free to follow them as they swim around hunting for small animals in the sand to eat. They’re a great animal to spot on your boat trip!

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Caribbean File Fish

Tropical fish! We have so many: file fish (above), bright blue parrot fish, skinny trumpet fish, this list is endless. Be sure to spot a few on your day trip from St. Thomas or St. John by jumping into the water!

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Hidden Turtle

You can see our sea turtles when they come up to breathe, but they’re a little cooler to see under the waves. The common ones are Hawksbill and the Green Sea Turtle. However, of the 7 species of sea turtles in the world, 6 of them can be found in the Caribbean.

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The Coral Reef

Don’t forget, all of the beautiful reef you are looking at is made of very small animals! This is why touching the reef is not allowed, they’re so small that just brushing them with your fins can kill them.

You read this blog for the sharks didn’t you? Okay, here is a video of a nurse shark that was spotted on a boat charter to the British Virgin Islands a few months ago. Enjoy!

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