Your Boat Rental: Frequently Asked Questions

January 12, 2016

You’ve booked your boat trip with us (if not, fill out the form here).

Now what?
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St. John is in the background when returning to Sapphire Marina.

Here are our most common boat day questions:

1) Do we need our passports?

Unless you specifically booked a US only trip with Aqua Blue Charters (St. John and St. Thomas) the answer is yes! Jost Van Dyke (home of Soggy Dollar), the Baths, Tortola, the Indians and the Willy T are all in the British Virgin Islands. It’s just like going to Canada, bring your passport or passport card or you can’t go.

2) Do you take credit cards?

Yes, Visa and Master Card. However, that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Some of the smaller bars and restaurants are cash only as are some of the custom and immigration fees.

3) What do I need to bring with me on my boat day?

Passport, towels, sunscreen, cover ups, flip flops (or other beach-friendly shoe) and cash.

4) Do you have snorkeling gear?

Yes, we even have gear for the kids!

5) Do I need to know how to swim?

No, put please let your captain know if this is a concern at the beginning of the trip. Some places are swim-in only and he can’t know to avoid those if you don’t let him know!

6) What about a bathroom?

Mojo and Mojo Deux do not have restrooms on board. If a bathroom is a MUST for your boat trip in the Virgin Islands – Soul Mate is the rental boat for you! On the Mojo(s), your options are frequent stops like West End, Tortola, the Willy T, Soggy Dollar Beach Bar, Foxy’s or B-Line Beach Bar. If you’re feeling more adventurous, fish do it too 😉

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West End, Tortola – shopping, lunch and restrooms!

7) Can I bring my own drinks/snacks/etc?

Absolutely, just remember we already have water on the boat. We don’t recommend bringing lunch, eating at one of the local spots is part of the fun!

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A plate of conch and rice on Cane Garden Bay, BVI.

8) How long will it take me to get to Sapphire Marina from the WICO Cruise Dock, Crown Bay Cruise Dock, the Marriott, the airport, etc?

All times are approximate and depend on thing like traffic and the taxi. Specify to your taxi driver that you want the quickest route and not to stop for sights if you want the quickest time to Sapphire.

  • WICO – 30 minutes
  • Crown Bay – 45 minutes
  • Marriott, Frenchman’s Reef – 30 minutes
  • The Airport – 50 minutes
  • The Ritz Carlton – 9 minutes
  • Sugar Bay – 7 minutes
  • Red Hook – 4 minutes

Google Maps has Sapphire Marina in their data base and usually provide decent directions from wherever you are staying if you have your own car.

Don’t hesitate to email or text us any questions or concerns. We want you to have the best boat day ever!

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