All in a Day’s Work: Steve Job’s Yacht, Venus

February 25, 2015

There are so many things that make boating for work rewarding: the views, the people, the enjoyment of being active and making someone’s days better. That’s the every day stuff that makes owning Aqua Blue Charters so much fun. Then there’s the extraordinary parts, like multiple sightings of Steve Job’s yacht Venus is an incredible 256 foot luxury yacht.

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Venus was spotted a few times this winter by Mojo guests. She was stunning underway and at anchor.

This is the second season we’ve spotted the Venus while on charter in the British Virgin Islands. The first time we were on a charter with Doug and Jessica who got engaged during the ride home . We were all impressed with the way the Venus rode in the water between Jost and Tortola. The wave piercing hull sliced through the water effortlessly.

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Steve Jobs worked for years on the design of his luxury yacht, Venus. Her wave piercing hull design gives guests and smooth ride.

This year we had the pleasure of seeing her off of Jost Van Dyke and then again right outside of Pirate’s Bight (home of the Willy T).

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Steve Job’s luxury yacht on her 2nd season in the Virgin Islands.

Some key points to keep in mind while admiring her beautiful lines.

  • 120 Million for the build
  • She was impounded over a disagreement with designer Phillippe Starck
  • Steve Jobs never set foot on his carefully designed boat
  • 6 bedrooms
  • The 2nd story roof is made to look like an upside-down iPad
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The 270 foot yacht stayed off of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands for a few days this winter season.

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